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About OCRP – OCRP Lincoln Scholarship

For over 70 years, the Oakland County Republican Party has been the backbone of political leadership in Oakland County. From Michael Bouchard, to L. Brooks Patterson, we’ve been the driving force for electing strong Republican leadership throughout the region.

This year, we are excited to return with a series of programs to engage and empower young people like never before. As the party of growth, opportunity, and prosperity for all Americans, we’re eager to reach out and engage with young citizens in Southeast Michigan.

Interested in getting more involved? The Oakland County Republican Party has a wide range of opportunities to participate in our political system. Please contact OCRP Youth Chairman Paul Stephens for more information on internships and volunteer opportunities.


Meet the Youth Chairman

Elected as Oakland County Republican Party Youth Chairman in 2016, Paul Stephens is leading the effort to strengthen and engage young people in the Republican Party. With his leadership and focus, Paul is empowering youth to become active participants within our political system, providing them the knowledge and tools to become active in their communities.

During the 2016 election cycle, Paul was a key player in recruiting record numbers of volunteers to assist candidates up and down the ballot. His dedication helped break the Oakland County Republican Party’s historic record for most voter contacts, which led the State of Michigan for all of 2016.

Before his election as Youth Chairman, Paul served Republican campaigns both large and small, including most recently as the communications manager for a State Representative candidate.

Outside of politics, Paul studies Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University and also works for one of Detroit’s Big Three automakers in manufacturing engineering.

Paul is excited to continue expanding the party of Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity to young people across the region.


Party Leadership

The Oakland County Republican Party is led by five elected Officers and an executive committee.

Chairwoman: Theresa Mungioli

Vice-Chairman: Greg Dildilian

Secretary: Claudine Bacher

Treasurer: David Staudt

Youth Chairman: Paul Stephens